About Us

Hong Kong Fur Factory Limited was established in Hong Kong on 1957, we specialize in producing high quality fur garments and exporting to USA, Europe and Russia.

We have two self-owned factories in Hong Kong and in China. The floor area is more than 8000m sq which employ over 300 people. Our subsidiary companies includes Henry Fur (Shenzhen) Limited, Schmidt-Poly Furs (Boluo) Limited. We produce under our house brand "MICHELLE" with advance equipments, high technique and unique Italian high fashion styling. We also welcome OEM and accessories enquiries.

Overall our reliability and workmanship give customers total confidence to purchase and great pleasure to wear. We look forward to all our international buyers for their patronage.

Contact Us

Hong Kong Fur Factory Ltd.
Tel: (852) 2742 2011
Fax: (852) 2786 1900
Email: info@hongkongfur.com